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The Powrtouch Classic

The Powrtouch Classic caravan mover is designed to fit caravans that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap (less than 105mm) between the chassis and the tyre, but fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels than all other current traditional caravan movers. Under ideal conditions it is expected that this model will move a 1,500 Kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.

  • The Original Powrtouch Classic mover system is competitively priced and designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and TUV standards.
  • Traditional design and construction materials.
  • Powrbar cross actuation system that allows BOTH rollers to be engaged or disengaged from EITHER side of the caravan.
  • Designed for maximum ground clearance.
  • Fluid movement control giving the ability to change direction without stopping.
  • Full soft start system giving MILLIMETRE by MILLIMETRE control.
  • Full DIY instructions available.
  • Low battery indication system (for both the handset and caravan battery).
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to prevent accidental battery drain if the Powrtouch is left switched on.
  • Instant stop the moment the handset buttons are released.






Published on  February 21st, 2021